Cotswolds Memoir: Discovering a Beautiful Region of Britain on a Quest to Buy a 17th Century Cottage (Cotswolds Memoirs Series)

Cotswolds Memoir: Discovering a Beautiful Region of Britain on a Quest to Buy a 17th Century Cottage (Cotswolds Memoirs Series)
Author: Diz White
Language English
Pages: 185
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.72
Published: August 5th 2012 by Larrabee Libraries, a Division of Larrabee Industries, in conjunction with Writersworld

A laugh-out-loud, good life, house-hunting, foodie, travel-tour, meet the locals, fun memoir. A love note to the Cotswolds. See Benedict Cumberbatch's (Sherlock) Mother's quote about COTSWOLDS MEMOIR: delightful as Bill Bryson's NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND -Wanda Ventham- Cotswolds Resident/Actress, Sherlock, Dr. Who, Midsomer Murders. After British-born, comedy actress Diz White found herself craving Yorkshire Pudding at every meal she knew her roots were pulling her back from America to her homeland. It was time to buy a Cotswolds Cottage! Her roller-coaster, often laugh-out-loud, search doubles as a travel-tour (travel guide included) that takes in every delight of the Cotswolds: historic sites, hog roasts, hiking the Cotswolds Way and pubwalks with her husband, often bagging the walk in favour of a slightly boozy lunch. There were highs, heartbreaks and cliff-hangers as she was charged by a bull named Chasin’ Mason, auditioned for the hind end of a horse and was trampled by thirty children while wearing a bear suit, but the fondness she developed for this region and its vivid inhabitants gave her a feeling of community missing from her busy urban existence. Will this author‘s dream become a reality? Find out in this witty love note to the Cotswolds. ‘Extremely entertaining, funny and beautifully written.’ Katie Jarvis Cotswold Life Magazine ‘As enchanting as Bill Bryson’s Notes From a Small Island.

This is the ultimate, laugh-out-loud, foodie, good life, house-hunting, travel-tour, meet the locals, fun read. A love note to the Cotswolds.’ Wanda Ventham Actress and Cotswold resident, Midsomer Murders,The Lotus Eaters, Dr. Who ‘I fell about laughing at Diz White’s book, her hilarious showbiz stories woven into her hunt for a cottage are a hoot…. her writing allows you to not only imagine you are there but to feel you have embraced the heart of the Cotswolds. A great holiday read or a great read anytime.’ Debbie McGee BBC Radio Berkshire ‘It’s enchanting….very funny. Diz White paints a nostalgic and affectionate canvas.’ Steven Leigh Morris, Critic-at-Large L.A. Weekly ‘More entertaining than Under the Tuscan Sun.’ William Greenleaf, Greenleaf Literary ‘Cotswolds Memoir will hook you from the very first page.

It’s well researched with good information – it has a great travel guide at the end – but is also filled with entertaining anecdotes. If you haven’t visited the Cotswolds – or even if you have - you’ll want to pack your bags and go!’ Monica B.

Morris Goodnight Children Everywhere (The History Press) ‘Wakes you up to the joys on your doorstep.’ Sue Bradley, Gloucester Echo