Global Physical Climatology

Global Physical Climatology
Author: Dennis L. Hartmann
Language English
Pages: 411
ISBN10: 0123285305
Genre: Reference
Series International Geophysics
Goodreads Rating: 4.07
ISBN13: 9780123285300
Published: June 14th 1994 by Academic Press

Global Physical Climatology is an introductory text devoted to the fundamental physical principles and problems of climate sensitivity and change. Addressing some of the most critical issues in climatology, this text features incisive coverage of topics that are central to understanding orbital parameter theory for past climate changes, and for anthropogenic and natural causes of near-future changes--Key Features * Covers the physics of climate change * Examines the nature of the current climate and its previous changes * Explores the sensitivity of climate and the mechanisms by which humans are likely to produce near-future climate changes * Provides instructive end-of-chapter exercises and appendices