Author: Scott Bartlett
Language English
Pages: 278
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Mech Wars
Goodreads Rating: 3.99
Published: July 10th 2017 by Mirth Publishing

The human body is no longer enough. The wars of the future will be fought with mechs. Chief Roach's victory over the ferocious Quatro won't last long. Strange meteorites have fallen to the surface of Eresos, containing mechs - quadruped mechs, clearly designed for the enemy. Now, Roach and the surviving members of Oneiri Team must escort these fearsome new weapons through a harsh alien wilderness, while defending against constant attack. If the quad mechs fall into the enemy's possession before Roach can get them to the space elevator, humanity will lose the advantage granted by their own MIMAS mechs, and they’ll be right back to where they were: outmatched and overpowered by the murderous alien beasts.