Author: Peter Tremayne
Pages: 256
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Published: November 22nd 2017 by Venture Press

Creatures from a glacial hell, the whites of their eyes bulged red with bloodlust... When American scientist Tony Stevens hears that his young sister Ann has been killed in a skiing accident in Oslo, he refuses to believe it. She hated heights, would never risk descending the treacherous glacier slopes so rapidly – un she was fleeing for her life. On arriving in Norway, he learns that Ann had been working with an archaeology team excavating a pre-Christian burial site in the frozen wilderness of Trolltinder. Something terrible has been disturbed – surrounding villages are in uproar, fear and superstition cloud the air like a mist of chilling malevolence. And Tony realises that whatever it is out there that devoured his sister has picked up his scent, and is poised to wreak its ancient vengeance once again... Praise for Peter Tremayne: ‘Tremayne is an absolutely gorgeous read, especially on a dark winter’s night . . .’ - Dublin Sunday Press 'Peter Tremayne is established as one of Britain’s leading horror fantasy writers.' – Retail Newsagent 'He brings to the writing of fantasy detail and dedication . . . scrupulous skill . . .' – Space Voyager English author Peter Tremayne started his career as a newspaper reporter and editor. Widely respected for his non-fiction work in language studies, Celtic history and mythology, Tremayne’s first novel was published in 1977. He has since written 28 bóoks, and his titles with Venture Press include Nicor!, Snowbeast! and The Curse of Loch Ness.