Dying to Be Immortal

Dying to Be Immortal
Author: Daniel J. Brown
Language English
Pages: 204
ISBN10: 0988178907
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780988178908
Published: September 1st 2012 by Eden Chronicles, LLC

In Dying To Be Immortal, Daniel J. Brown provides an exciting and thought-provoking perspective on the age-old questions pertaining to man's creation, his unique relationship with God, and the true nature of man's original sin.

The Paradise of Eden, Brown tells us, is a realm of permanence and beauty and home to numerous immortal divine couples-each representative of the true masculine and the true feminine-eternally bonded together in a blissful union of Conscious Love. Brown argues that many divine couples in Eden were unfaithful in preserving their union of Conscious Love, choosing instead to bond with the serpent of Eden to experience the lower consciousness of physical sensuality. The outcome of that regrettable choice, that 'original sin, ' has for so many divine couples led to a long and painful separation from their bonded union of conscious love. This separation is made all the more agonizing as each couple is left to wander in search of one another in a most inhospitable state of exile from their paradise home of Eden. More broadly, Dying to be Immortal is about a soul's awakening to the unity of life as an experience of consciousness as it expands and unfolds within the material realm of nature. It speaks to a soul's awakening to the realization of why we find ourselves living as if within the reflection of a mirror-more akin to a virtual reality-and how we may be able to exit this virtual reality and return home to the Paradise of Eden. With but a little effort, Brown tells us, we all can awaken a remembrance of the time immortal life we once enjoyed and the reason why we faltered so badly. There is a path out of exile for all those who are truly ready to embark on the journey back to Eden.