Beautiful Beast: Part 2 of 3

Beautiful Beast: Part 2 of 3
Author: Jenn Marlow
Language English
Pages: 82
Genre: Did Not Finish
Series Beautiful Beast
Goodreads Rating: 2.25
Published: April 12th 2015

Pleasurable pain. Erotically sensual fantasies becoming a reality. That was her life, day in, and day out since being purchased to the highest bidder; since Roland Peters became her master. It was one crazy-lust-filled-roller-coaster of a good time, but it was starting to feel different; it was starting to feel like something else, something she couldn’t quite place - it was starting to feel like some sort of deeper connection that she couldn’t shake. She saw him. She heard him; she heard every word that desperately left his mouth, and saw every move he made in this ridiculous chess match of wits. But she wasn’t impressed. They were merely desperate attempts from an equally desperate man. No matter how much he tried to convince her otherwise, Alex believed deep-down Roland was decent. Alex Miller truly met Roland Peters that day. He wasn’t her master in that moment, nor she his slave. He was only Roland and she was only Alex, and it had been revealed that each of them held deep burdens which they had carried with them for so long that they only had one rule to abide by: don’t get close.