Athena's Valentine Discipline: A Short Spanking Story

Athena's Valentine Discipline: A Short Spanking Story
Author: Jenna L. Spring
Language English
Pages: 34
Genre: Business
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
Published: January 27th 2016

Athena Vasilakis adores her fiancee John with all of her heart. His love and discipline gives her the support she’s craved her whole life. So why can’t she stop herself from defying his rules, especially on Valentine’s Day? John Mulligan wants to keep his wife-to-be safe. When she puts herself in harm’s way, will he be able to administer the discipline Athena desperately needs in the form of a strict over-the-knee spanking? There are approximately 8500 words in this domestic discipline short story. John and Athena’s alluring history can be found in John & Athena: New York Spankings Book Five. This short story contains adult material, including the consensual spanking of an adult woman. If such material offends you, please do not read this story.