Anonymous Realm

Anonymous Realm
Author: Linda Picinich
Language English
Pages: 83
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: October 25th 2011 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

She finally meets the man of her dreams. Problem is, he's already dead. Paige is an average woman with an average life in New York City.

Her apartment, her job, and her love life are all consistently mundane, and she yearns for something extraordinary. She wonders if she will ever find her perfect man, a man just like John Rockford, the esteemed and benevolent son of New York’s prominent unofficial royal family. But Paige’s dream is shattered when she learns of John Rockford’s sudden death. Then the extraordinary begins. No sooner resigned to her familiar reality, she encounters a stranger claiming to be the rest spirit of none other than John Rockford himself, trapped between the world of the living and the realm of the dead.

Skeptical, yet intrigued, Paige soon finds herself questioning the scope of possibilities, and growing increasingly sympathetic toward the lost soul who jumps from body to body on a quest to return to his own. Drawn to the mysterious entity and the thrill of adventure, Paige sheds her autopilot skin and embarks on a precarious mission to help uncover the truth behind John Rockford’s alleged death, recover his body, and resurrect the one man who brings her very own soul to life.

PRAISE FOR ANONYMOUS REALM: “Just read it! Wow! What an amazing story! Touched me on so many levels.” “5 Stars!” “Awesome!” ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anonymous Realm is the debut novella by Linda Picinich. Since an early age, she has had a passion for the written word and has been inspired by great storytelling of all kinds, from classic literary tales to contemporary independent works. Linda’s introductory story intertwines elements of intrigue, romance, the supernatural, and cozy mystery in a quick and quirky haunting quest that twists genres.