Blackest of Lies

Blackest of Lies
Author: Bill Aitken
Language English
Pages: 308
ISBN10: 1511498137
Genre: Historical
Goodreads Rating: 4.37
ISBN13: 9781511498135
Published: April 10th 2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

1916. Britain is deep in the grip of the Great War, spilling the best of its blood in Flanders’ fields. Morale at home is low. But one thing is certain: war minister Lord Kitchener will see things through. So when Kitchener is assassinated by the IRA, how will the public react? How will British troops at the Front take it? It’s up to MI5 to handle the situation, and quickly. Lieutenant Chris Hubert’s suggestion of lookalike Colonel Henry Farmer staves off the announcement of Kitchener’s death. But when ‘Kitchener’ is sent off on a mission to St Petersburg, it’s in the interests of friend and foe to ensure he won’t come back. Now, only Hubert and Special Branch officer Anne Banfield can save Farmer from a torpedo in the cold, dark waters of the Pentland Firth. The U-Boats are waiting ... Blackest of Lies is an exciting story of how the British Secret Services aim to murder an unsuspecting military doctor to hide the news of Kitchener's assassination at the hands of the IRA. It is uncomfortably close to historical events. Just how close is for you to decide.