Author: Anne Bishop
Language English
Pages: 436
ISBN10: 0451461266
Genre: Fantasy
Series Ephemera
Goodreads Rating: 3.95
ISBN13: 9780451461261
Published: March 6th 2007 by Roc

In Sebastian, national bestselling and award-winning author Anne Bishop introduced a stunning new realm, a world of strange and magical landscapes connected only by bridges - bridges that may transport you where you truly belong, rather than where you wished to go.

But only the magic of the Landscapers can protect this world from the entity determined to enshroud it in darkness.... One by one, the landscapes of Ephemera are falling into shadow. The Eater of the World is spreading its influence, tainting people's souls with doubts and fears, and feasting on their emotions. With each victory, the Eater comes closer to extinguishing Ephemera's Light. Only Glorianna Belladonna possesses the ability to thwart the Eater's plans. But she has been branded a rogue, her talents and vast power feared and misunderstood. Determined to protect the lands under her care, Glorianna will stand alone against the Eater if she must - regard of the cost to her body and soul. But she is not alone. In dreams, a call has traveled throughout Ephemera: "Heart's hope lies within Belldonna." That call has traveled far from the landscapes Glorianna claims and reached Michael, a man with mysterious powers of his own. It awakens a fierce hunger within him to find the dark-haired sorceress he's dreamed of over and over again - a beautiful woman named Belladonna. As Michael's and Glorianna's hearts call out to each other across the landscaped, together they may offer Ephemera the very hope it needs....