LOBO (Shifting Alliances #1)

LOBO (Shifting Alliances #1)
Author: Halston Thromboux
Language English
Pages: 166
Genre: Paranormal
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: January 28th 2016

LOBO I make my living one way: by being a ghost. It’s how I hunt. It’s how I kill. It’s how I seduce. No names. No phone numbers. No breakfast in bed. I take what I want, and I disappear. It’s always worked – until now.

A job’s gone bad. The bull bear I came to kill isn’t here But she is… JANE Why did he let me live? It’s the question everybody keeps asking. He’s supposed to be the most dangerous agent in the city, more wolf than man. Thing is: from the moment I see his golden eyes, he’s the only thing I want. Our romance is forbidden.

My father would disown me, my people might kill me. – and it only makes him hotter. The Hunt is On A rumor is going around that a girl has seen the face of the Legendary LOBO. His fifteen years as an assassin have left the wolf with count enemies, and now every one of them is out to find the girl who's seen his face. And his job isn't finished yet. Bastion Ursula: Leader of the city bears, CEO of a fortune 500 company, and Jane's father... still has to die.