Time Conspiracy (The ECHO Archives Book 1)

Time Conspiracy (The ECHO Archives Book 1)
Author: Kerri McDonald
Language English
Pages: 164
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: January 9th 2017 by KezArt Creations

Was Leonardo da Vinci a genius ... or was he, literally, ahead of his time? After finding a mysterious bracelet beside an ancient human skeleton in a sinkhole cave on the Nullarbor Plain in Australia, teen siblings Matt and Lissa Wellbourn, find themselves inadvertently transported back to 15th Century Florence, Italy. While desperately trying to work out what’s going on, they get into strife with the locals, and the constabulary. Then they stumble into a treacherous assassination plot upon two brothers of the most powerful family in Florence - the Medicis. As they battle to find a way to return home, they begin to question the true origin of their new-found friend, Leonardo da Vinci, and are convinced he is hiding an incredible secret. But how will they get back to the 21st Century? The answer continues to evade them, and their situation becomes worse when they also face the possibility of spending years in a stinking, rat-infested dungeon … or worse! If I could travel in time, meeting Leonardo da Vinci would be one of my top picks. He was such an astounding person with so many talents.

I think he would have also been a great fun to be around in his younger years.

While Time Conspiracy is a fictional novel, it is based on real events and characters of that time. Or more correctly, it is based on my imaginative interpretation of what might have happened, if two modern-day teenagers were accidentally dropped in that particular time and place in history. Although this novel was written predominately for teens and young adults, I’ve found it is also enjoyed by anyone who is young at heart and loves a rollicking adventure!