Ariel Custer

Ariel Custer
Author: Grace Livingston Hill
Language English
Pages: 336
ISBN10: 1417937904
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.99
ISBN13: 9781417937905
Published: July 31st 2004 by Kessinger Publishing

1922. Ariel looked curiously like the portrait of her illustrious warrior ancestor when she lifted a firm little chin and left the beloved but empty home in the South to seek her fortune in an unknown northern city. But fortune was kind and with the aid of a refractory motor cycle precipitated her literally into the arms of Judson Graniss. No more chivalrous protector than strong, quiet, girl-hating Jud Graniss could Ariel have found. But Mrs. Graniss had other plans for her only son.

The course of true love runs even more turbulent than usual, though Ariel and Jud find an unexpected ally in little Miss Emily Dillon. Then into the story enters a mister, for Miss Emily disappears and the waters of Copple creek suggest a fearful clue and an even more dreadful accusation. A love story with an unusual plot. The facts are taken from real life, a mysterious happening that Mrs. Hill actually knew. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.