Dead Gaze: The Beginning

Dead Gaze: The Beginning
Author: Jonathan Nathaniel Bivens
Language English
Pages: 54
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: October 22nd 2014 by Jonathan Nathaniel Bivens

I always hated sitting in doctor’s offices. Never liked doctors much. Hate needles you see. But today was even worse for me. I was locked in one of the patient rooms with the doctor banging on the door. I would have opened the door, but would you if you knew he was a blood thirsty zombie? I think not. And that’s how my little zombie apocalyptic adventure began. Me a pregnant military sniper locked in a doctor’s office with no rifle. My allies would turn out to be an ex yakuza turned catholic priest, and a medieval cosplayer who saw it coming and prepared. Our plan was simple, survive, and hope to find other survivors. Heck, maybe even find out what happened to cause the undead to walk. But I’ve lived long enough to know plans hardly ever work out for the best. Sometimes you just got to keep running, pray to see another day, and try your best not to get eaten.