Southern Culture: An Introduction

Southern Culture: An Introduction
Author: John Beck
Language English
Pages: 535
ISBN10: 1594607362
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.06
ISBN13: 9781594607363
Published: August 1st 2009 by Carolina Academic Press

This is the most current edition of this book, superseding the first edition. From the very beginning the South was different. The source and significance of this difference has been debated and discussed for over 200 years. In recent decades, the demise of the South as a regional culture has frequently been predicted, although now some scholars and journalists are maintaining that it is proving to be remarkably resilient and is actually having an ever greater influence on the broader American culture. Southern Culture examines the origins and evolution of the region's culture and focuses on six key patterns that have defined it: agrarianism, class relations, race relations, gender and family traditions, evangelical Christianity, and political traditions.

Southern Culture also explores the products of the culture with major sections on dialect, painting, architecture, pottery, music, literature, and icons and myths. It concludes with essays by each of the authors in which they reflect on where Southern culture is headed. This new edition includes a fully updated chapter on politics in light of Barack Obama's recent historic election, as well as a revision of the religion chapter to make it even more inclusive of religions represented in the South.