Midnight Gardens (Daughters Of Midnight Book 1)

Midnight Gardens (Daughters Of Midnight Book 1)
Author: Ellen Dugan
Pages: 168
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.34
Published: April 22nd 2018 by Garden Witch Press

Daughters Of Midnight, an enchanting new series by Ellen Dugan Book One: Midnight Gardens The beating heart of any garden is magick... Drusilla Midnight, a successful children’s book author, returns home to the sleepy little riverside village of Ames Crossing, Illinois. Recently divorced, she is planning to take some personal time to put her life in order, and to reconnect with her grandmother and two sisters. Descended from a long line of herbalists and wise women, Dru is determined to reclaim her family’s traditions and practices. While she was away, the family property has become overgrown and fallen into a state of disrepair. Drusilla resolves to take on the task of restoring the grounds herself, and to bring back to life the enchanting gardens that have inspired her books. However, a troubled, angry young girl and her attractive guardian, Garrett Rivers seem to constantly interrupt Dru’s master plan for solitary soul searching.

The last thing Dru was looking for was love, and it will take a touch of the garden’s natural magick to make her learn to trust again. For even the wisest of women must learn that love can spring up unexpectedly into their life, take the strongest of hearts by surprise, and change their path forever.