The Delusion

The Delusion
Author: Zach Zimmerman
Pages: 256
ISBN10: 1626523576
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9781626523579
Published: October 3rd 2013 by Mill City Press, Inc.

Jordan Walker, after surviving a tragic childhood, is left to fend for his brother at a young age.

With a bleak future and scarce options, he turns to the streets to survive. The younger Austin is left to his own devices to entertain himself. His naivete and loneliness lead him to places his brother pains to keep hidden. Gordon Stallworth spent years climbing to the high ranks of the DEA. Drunk on power, Stallworth thinks himself invincible.

A run-in with the Walker brothers leaves Stallworth in an unfamiliar position-a position of vulnerability. With his reputation at stake, an obsessed Stallworth sets out to level the enemy at any cost. What neither side foresees is a force more powerful than death coming, a mystery that lies on the brink of human understanding. The Delusion weaves contrasting realities together that question the very notion of good and evil. Author Zach Zimmerman will keep the reader guessing with each turn of the page, in a tale that leaves no character unchanged.