Pride and Prejudice and Coffee

Pride and Prejudice and Coffee
Author: Mary C.M. Phillips
Genre: Did Not Finish
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Published: April 2nd 2018 by

Entrepreneur, Elizabeth Bennet, has opened her new establishment, The Longbourn Beanery, just a few short blocks from The Pemberley Corporation in New York City. While former Pemberley employee-turned-activist, George Wickham, leads OCCUPY PEMBERLEY, Mr. Darcy, CEO, must make a decision.

Will he continue to hold stock positions in corporations that treat coffee farmers unfairly, but make his shareholders happy? Or, will he invest ethically? Elizabeth Bennet just might be the right person to enlighten him on a few things and perhaps even steal his heart. Pride and Prejudice and Coffee is a contemporary Austenesque novelette, which briefly explores today's coffee industry.