Masters of Blood and Bone

Masters of Blood and Bone
Author: Craig Saunders
Pages: 320
ISBN10: 1940544998
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 3.72
ISBN13: 9781940544991
Published: February 3rd 2015 by Darkfuse

Holland's a man who's good with death. Good at death. When his daughter goes missing, he finds himself pitted in a deadly game against the Gods themselves.

Powerful enemies surround him—a changeling, a mage, and a god who wants to destroy the world. With silver bullets in his gun and death on his mind, Holland aims to set things right...or die trying.

For the captors of Holland’s daughter, death is not only on it’s way, it’s in their very possession as Holland's daughter isn't just a fact, she's barely mortal at all... She's Ankou, Death's daughter, and she's not an easy mark. The battleground has been set, the world’s at stake, and all Hell is about the break loose. Masters of Blood and Bone is an epic clash between good and evil, life versus death, Gods against mortals, a time story of power and corruption and one man’s pursuit to protect what he loves at any cost.