Calladine & Bayliss

Calladine & Bayliss
Author: H.H. Durrant
Language English
Pages: 548
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Calladine & Bayliss
Goodreads Rating: 2.00
Published: April 8th 2014 by HH Durrant

Calladine & Bayliss books 1, 2 and 3. The full series of the detective novels in one volume containing , Handy Man, Sown in Weakness and A Deadly Imperfection. Handy Man Two young men are missing - both are found dead – their bodies horribly mutilated. What sort of madman has done this? The clever money was on an all out drugs war on the infamous Hobfield Estate? It was always only a matter of time before someone new shook a serious fist at the old guard and took the patch for themselves.

But UK Detective Inspector Tom Calladine didn’t think it was that cut and dried. He trusted his instincts and they told him that this was something else entirely. Sown in Weakness Female students were going missing from the Universities in Manchester and no one had noticed. That was until one of them turned up dead in a pile up on the Leesworth by-pass - but she hadn’t died in the crash.

It was obvious from her injuries, and the way her mouth had been mutilated, that she’d been kept somewhere before being killed. A bad enough start to the new week but it would soon to get much worse.

Another body is found and this one has been dead a lot longer. The forensic evidence begins to build, and DI Calladine and his Sergeant, Ruth Bayliss are sure these two young women were killed by the same person. There are similarities – they were both American for a start. Not only that, but the name ‘Vida’ is found on livestock tags fixed to their earlobes. What’s the significance of the name? Why does their murderer choose students from the USA and why does he mutilate their mouths? On the personal front – Calladine loses his mother and becomes closer to his daughter, Zoe. Ruth is getting in deeper with Jake Ireson and doesn’t know what to do. Monika is still a problem Calladine’s yet to resolve, that is until Lydia crashes into his life again. His gangster cousin puts him forward as his alibi for a murder and to top it all, Calladine finds out that he’s not the man he thought he was. A Deadly Imperfection This time the duo is battling a serial killer with a bucket list of victims. Each murder is an act of revenge and each unique. It soon becomes clear, however, that these crimes are linked to the disappearance of two young children from the Leesworth area, but the team are not sure how. A new face in the area - a detective working for the neighbouring Oldston CID takes on the case of the missing kids and swiftly gets on Calladine's nerves. Stephen Greco is a perfectionist - a workaholic who misses nothing. Despite having a surprising amount in common, the two don't get on. On the personal front - Calladine finally gets to meet his birth mother and discovers he also has a half sister and brother. Ruth has some news that floors him and he has a new love interest in his life. She is the mysterious Amaris Dean - the owner of a new age shop in Leesdon and an expert on the tarot. Useful because the killer is leaving a tarot card at the scene of each murder