The Trouble With Josh

The Trouble With Josh
Author: Marilyn Pappano
Language English
ISBN10: 0373245335
Genre: Fantasy
Series Rawlins Brothers
Goodreads Rating: 3.91
ISBN13: 9780373245338
Published: April 2003 by Silhouette Special Edition

THE TROUBLE WITH JOSH RAWLINS... Heck, the whole town knew that the impossibly charming cowboy was so irresistible to females, he would never settle down. Until a sweet, petite city gal visiting Hickory Bluff suddenly proved irresistible to HIM.

Problem was, Candace Thompson's past offenses were unforgivable to Josh's big, beloved clan. So what to do with the hunger he felt for the one woman who should never be his? THE TROUBLE WITH CANDACE...

Once an ambitious reporter, Candace had sacrificed love and friendship on the altar of her career. Until a life crisis guided her to change her ways, to visit Oklahoma long enough to right her past wrongs.

But would falling for Josh ruin her well-made plan, or could this sexy cowboy be her very own dream come true?