Ashanti in the Hidden Kingdom

Ashanti in the Hidden Kingdom
Author: Sheryl Jeanne Kitchen
Language English
Pages: 300
ISBN10: 1604417145
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9781604417142
Published: December 31st 2007 by America Star Books

Ashanti peered into the emptiness that loomed before her: aGo ona!the Sword of Oria awaits you, a Elliz said as he pushed her forward. She walked into the darkness and was encased by the obscurity. When she thought the gloominess of the cavern would overcome her, she beheld a pulsating light reflecting off the walls of the cave. She continued toward the brightness and saw hovering in midair a golden sword. The long swordas hilt was embedded with jewels and the blade shimmered like quicksilver. Could you be the one? Ashanti turned about, startled by the femaleas voice. Herea!the Sword of Oria speaks to you. She stumbled backwards in disbelief. You have no time to waste. Grasp my hilta!if you are the one that I have been waiting for, you will be able to claim me. aWhat happens if I am not the destined one?a You will die.