Friend & Foe

Friend & Foe
Author: Nik Olsen
Language English
Pages: 432
ISBN10: 1491876883
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.32
ISBN13: 9781491876886
Published: September 4th 2013 by Authorhouse

When two men find themselves incarcerated in a foetid prison in the Middle East, they spend their time agonising how they came to be there. Their lives have been steeped in conflict and they are suspicious of anyone around them, including the many other unfortunate inmates.

They reluctantly begin to communicate and it becomes apparent that they are from completely different backgrounds; in other circumstances they would be enemies. Here though their enemy is the environment; maintaining sanity in the baking hot days and cold nights, with barely enough food and water to survive and nothing to interrupt the relent boredom. They relive their tortuous escapades through flashbacks, and as mutual trust grows they reveal more of their lives to each other, where a disturbing pattern emerges. Were they destined to arrive in the hell they now found themselves? If so; who determined their fate and why? They determine to beat the system, but in order to do so they must submit to their unknown enemy. A common thread emerges through their cautious dialogue involving current affairs. Can they put their differences to one side; help each other to survive and eventually, escape? Will their relationship promote a new understanding between foes? Will they unravel the enigma that is their enemy? This is a tale of two strangers whose violent lives are entwined by tragic events, and irrevocably changed by circumstance: heralding the dawning of a new truth for them both. Action and intrigue is mixed with an all-too believable plot.