Death March

Death March
Author: J.E. Fishman
Language English
Pages: 288
ISBN10: 099109526X
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Bomb Squad NYC
Goodreads Rating: 3.54
ISBN13: 9780991095261
Published: March 4th 2014 by Verbitrage

You've never seen cops like these. You've never experienced New York like this. The only series based on the real world of the NYPD Bomb Squad. Series Technical Consultant Lt. Mark Torre, Commander of the NYPD Bomb Squad It's the eve of the famed Thanksgiving Day Parade when a credible tip comes in from national intelligence sources: Abu al Djenne, a master bomb maker from the radical Islamist group known as Sons of Bilal, plans to disrupt the event in spectacular fashion while causing mass casualties. The mayor won't cancel the parade, so it mostly falls to the NYPD bomb techs to protect millions of spectators strung along the two-and-a-half-mile parade route. Only hours before the parade will begin, explosions start going off, forcing Bomb Squad techs to scramble to investigate. Meanwhile, Djenne's girlfriend has discovered his "martyr" tape and turned it over to the police. Does the tape reveal enough to save the day? With all of New York law enforcement scrambling to avert a tragedy, Sergeant Sandy Kahn becomes convinced that Djenne's girlfriend holds the key. He tails her to the gate of an industrial facility in New Jersey, only to be left wondering what's going on inside the surrounding fence. Will he crack the case before hundreds of thousands lose their lives in the greatest conflagration New York has ever seen?