Centaur's Slave

Centaur's Slave
Author: Elliot Silvestri
Language English
Pages: 45
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Published: January 16th 2015 by Green Bush Publishing

Lianna is a young, beautiful slave taken by the Duke of Nuekome but not for use of his pleasure, but to be used by the centaur of Lyisteir. Lianna discovers she has an innate capability to handle the centaur and quickly becomes the center of attention in the Duke’s harem of slaves. This is a 12,000 word novelette intended for adult audiences. Content warning: features graphic sex, sex between a human and non-human character, sex between a centaur and a human, fantasy monster sex, other unusual sex practices, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content. Excerpt: The herald trumpeted the crowd to near-silence and made the announcement for the next part of the show.

“For those of a refined passion, the Duke of Nuekome has for you, gentleladies and gentlemen, the deflowering of an exotic virgin by a beast of turgid and rabid desire, the Centaur of Lyisteir!” The audience howled its approval, even if they didn’t know exactly what they were getting. “Quickly,” Kyleth urged her and Lianna saw two of the slave porters flanking her.

The conque leaf had distracted her. When they attached a chain to her collar and wrist cuffs, she didn’t mind. The two porters led her into the main banquet hall and Lianna got another rush of energy. She was enjoying her time in front of the crowd, her nudity on display. The rake of eyes over her skin delighted her and she smiled at everyone, but quickly realized they all weren’t paying attention to her. As she was paraded through the hall hands reached out for Lianna. Some missed, many fingers trailed along her naked flesh, a few even managed a lascivious squeeze…and she found she didn’t mind the attention at all.