The Perfect Seduction

The Perfect Seduction
Author: Leslie LaFoy
Language English
Pages: 352
ISBN10: 0312987633
Genre: Romance
Series The Perfect Trilogy
Goodreads Rating: 3.56
ISBN13: 9780312987633
Published: December 7th 2003 by St. Martin's Paperbacks

After a lengthy journey, Seraphina Treadwell appears at the doorstep of Carden Reeves with his three young nieces in tow determined to ensure their uncle will properly care for her charges. However, judging by the man's rakish smile and dancing eyes--now alight with the fire of a new conquest--that day seems far off indeed. A make who can make love and walk away with equal amounts of passion, Carden plays the seduction game to win. But beneath a rogue's clothing beats the heart of a man who has never been truly and properly seduced by a woman, let alone a woman who lives by her own rules and who could make him believe in love. Until now... While pride will not allow Seraphina to surrender to a man who has never wanted anything beyond a single night, her heart will not be denied the sweet promise of love...