The NYC Series Boxset

The NYC Series Boxset
Author: Alora Kate
Pages: 829
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 18th 2017 by Alora Kate

A plain Jane and a complicated Lawyer. A Notorious flirt and a broody ex-fighter. A broken beauty and a fierce protector. Book 1: A plain Jane process server and private investigator. A complicated, high-powered lawyer. No one said that life in New York City was going to be easy.

So, when Ki’s life gets completely flipped upside down, she seeks the safety of a disorganized man of few words. Is he the hero Ki needs, or will he push her away? Book 2: A notorious flirt and private investigator. A broody ex-fighter unable to step into the ring again. Alexa Tanner lives her life alone. Never knowing what it was like to be loved. Tapper Low misses the ring, and is having a hard time accepting his new life. Alexa and Tapper have a past. A past that comes back to interrupt their lives, making them both think about their futures. Can they get over what happened in the past and start new, or will their tempers and independent ways make them go their separate ways? Book 3: A broken beauty who's hit rock bottom. A fierce protector who battles his demons every day. London lives her life with no regrets, until that one moment that steals her light and leaves her in the dark. Lucas' past is where it belongs, in the past; he’s moved on, but when London’s forced into his life, will his past come back to haunt him? Will London learn how to move on from the worst moment of her life? Will Lucas stumble and fall back into his past? Or will they help each other figure out how to overcome their demons together? Complete Trilogy, must be read in order. Romantic Suspense