Just like Grey: Alex Romaletti

Just like Grey: Alex Romaletti
Author: Jessie Cooke
Pages: 254
Goodreads Rating: 3.31
Published: April 1st 2018 by Redline Publishing

Recently single, billionaire corporate raider Alex Romaletti, can have anything he needs…anything he wants, but all that really matters is love. He can’t buy it, and he can’t steal it. He has to earn it, and to do that, he must do whatever it takes, no matter what…to prove he is more than just another sexy man of money. As a tough and ruth businessman, used to getting what he wants, it shouldn’t be a problem - but it is.

Isabelle Brazil, the beautiful girl with the faraway eyes, sitting lonely in their sad cafe, doesn’t want another shallow romance that will evaporate in the sunlight of a new day. She wants a Job! A What? A JOB! Like the one that she has just lost. The job she loved, until someone bought the business and she was made redundant.

No one… NO ONE likes to be redundant. That’s unforgivable.

Book 2 in the Amazon Best Selling Series “Just like Grey” is ready for your reading pleasure. Have Fun.