The Great Snape Debate

The Great Snape Debate
Author: Amy Berner
Language English
Pages: 185
ISBN10: 1933771356
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.13
ISBN13: 9781933771359
Published: 2007 by Borders

Making the case for Severus Snape's guilt or innocence, this discussion takes a look at both sides of the most debated character in the Harry Potter series.

With sections on Snape's history, Slytherin House, and Snape actor Alan Rickman's past roles, as well as Snape as villain and as hero, the book scours the Harry Potter novels for hints about Snape's final loyalty and the series' end. There's food for thought for any Snape fan, including those who like him, hate him, or just want to speculate about the contents of his iPod, the greasiness of his hair, or why his name is an anagram of A Perverseness For Soups.