The Love That Satisfies: Reflections on Eros & Agape

The Love That Satisfies: Reflections on Eros & Agape
Author: Christopher West
Language English
Pages: 167
ISBN10: 1934217131
Genre: Christianity
Goodreads Rating: 4.39
ISBN13: 9781934217139
Published: August 1st 2007 by Ascension Press

Building on the legacy of Pope John Paul II, it is significant that the first encyclical letter of Pope Benedict XVI is dedicated to the topic God is Love. The Holy Father demonstrates that it is agape, the self-sacrificial love of God that empowers romantic love, eros, with life-giving and meaningful existence. In The Love That Satisfies, Christopher West draws from the Pope s letter a series of insightful and inspiring reflections on the nature of eros, agape, and the relationship between the two. He shows that it is through recognizing and embracing the beauty of God s self-sacrificial love that a person is able to truly be satisfied. In uniting the love of God to the love of spouse, the nuptial bond is fulfilled. Perhaps even more profound is the reality that God and the Bridegroom of the Church has a personal love for his Bride that may certainly be called eros (Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est, n. 9).