21 Days of Eating Mindfully: Your Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Food

21 Days of Eating Mindfully: Your Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Food
Author: Lorrie Jones
Language English
Pages: 134
ISBN10: 0991174771
Genre: Self Help
Goodreads Rating: 3.08
ISBN13: 9780991174775
Published: July 31st 2017 by Artisan Bookworks

If you're like most women, you spend your days juggling many roles, conflicting commitments and the wants and needs of others. Often you come last if there's time. The temptation to reach for food as comfort or distraction can be overwhelming, although the issue is rarely about physical hunger. More times than not, the underlying force is emotion. Eating emotionally can become a way of life. Following two decades of research and practical experience, disordered eating expert Lorrie Jones developed 21 Days of Eating Mindfully, designed to encourage and support you in changing unwanted and unhealthy eating habits by transforming your relationship with yourself.

This 21-day journey is not a diet or overnight cure. Rather, it's an opportunity to inquire more deeply within, providing the keys to establishing a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and enjoying a favorable weight shift and wise eating choices as a natural result and sustainable outcome. Lorrie Jones, MBSR CHT BSN and founder of Simple Serenity, provides education, consultation, and coaching--integrating the most effective principles and practices of Mindfulness and Hakomi therapies--encompassing a "mind-body" approach to health and wellness. Look for Lorrie's other guidebooks in the 21 Days series, 21 Days of Living Mindfully: Your Guide to Conscious Living, and 21 Days of Parenting Mindfully: Your Guide to Raising a Mindful Child, as well as a beautiful blank journal, 21 Days Guidebook Companion Journal. --www.simpleserenity.com