The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 5

The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 5
Author: James Robinson
Language English
Pages: 464
ISBN10: 1401228895
Genre: Sequential Art
Series Starman 1994 Omnibus
Goodreads Rating: 4.34
ISBN13: 9781401228897
Published: October 12th 2010 by DC Comics

The acclaimed series STARMAN, starring a Gen-X super hero from the 1990s, is re-presented in high quality format. In this volume, Starman embarks on a personal space odyssey to find the long lost brother of his girlfriend. But when a chance encounter sends Starman sprawling through time, Jack ends up sharing an adventure with the futuristic Legion of Super-Heroes, battling aliens alongside Adam Strange and meeting Superman's father on a still intact planet Krypton.