Return of the Free (Empire of the Steppe #1)

Return of the Free (Empire of the Steppe #1)
Author: Richard Hope
Language English
Pages: 212
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 2.25
Published: November 20th 2013 by Alt Hist Press

An alternate cover edition can be found here.

Debut Novel by an Exciting New Fantasy Writer in the Best Traditions of Epic Fantasy Book 1 of the Empire of the Steppe Out of the steppe came a lone rider. A man of destiny whose prowess would change the world of the Bachyan nomads forever. He was not an enemy come to destroy the Bachyan, but a prodigal son returned to lead them to victory over those who would enslave them. Taken by Nukush slavers when still a very young man, Jenraey has to learn fast to adapt to the civilisation of his new masters. He finds the ways of the Nukush strange – they worship no gods, but use a magic called science to power their weapons and drive their armies to conquest. Torn between his curiosity in the ways of this great Empire and his desire to return to his own, Jenraey knows that his people can only survive the onslaught of Nukush armies if they can change too. The time of destiny is at hand and only a leader of legendary powers can prevail. Will Jenraey be that man?