Halo-Orangees Employer-Employee "One Accord" Volume I One Mind, One Body, One Team

Halo-Orangees Employer-Employee
Author: B.L. Brown
Language English
Pages: 174
ISBN10: 1432747584
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.95
ISBN13: 9781432747589
Published: August 1st 2011 by Outskirts Press

B.L. Brown is the CEO and Founder of Halo-Orangees, LLC and the P-S-T (Parent-Student-Teacher) brand. She is a strong, proud African-American divorcee that is fortunate to parent five amazing children who are unique in every way. The genesis of Halo-Orangees, LLC Brand: Helping Advocate Longevity of Organizations by Obtaining Objectives through Redefining Above-Board New Generational Guidelines for Employer Employee Standards was inspired, developed, and birthed from her reaction to an unethical manager with whom she had the pleasure of working for and whose style of supervision made her stronger. The vision for Halo-Orangees' Parent-Student-Teacher Brand is to empower all children to be self-defined rather than "people" defined, self-directed, and self-driven. The P-S-T brand embodies the message that all children have a purpose and can rise above any situation and/or circumstance as long as they remain true to themselves. In a one-on-one meeting with this executive director, he made the statement that another employee, who held the same title as B.L.

Brown, was better than she was.

In response, B.L. Brown informed him that this employee was not better than her nor was she better than the employee. From that one statement, she instantly realized her true purpose in life. Reckoning her experience with a newfound belief, the foundation of Halo-Orangees, LLC emerged. The first and most important reason for creating Halo-Orangees, LLC is to empower all human beings. This book embodies the message that all human beings have a purpose and can rise above any situation or circumstance as long as they remain ethically true to themselves.

Halo-Orangees' goal is to change the environment of employment for all human beings that fosters a system that demands that they be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. The mission of the P-S-T brand is to eliminate the ever-growing educational viruses of gang involvement, drugs, bullying, suicide and immobility that our students are facing daily. In addition, this book will challenge humans, who work in complex working conditions to grow mentally and spiritually. Visit: Halo-Orangees, LLC Website @ halo-orangeesllc.

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