Everwinter: The Forerunner Archives

Everwinter: The Forerunner Archives
Author: J. Rock
Language English
Pages: 432
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: March 21st 2014 by Vox Populi

From the author of "Dinosauria" Thou shalt not suffer a mutant to live . . . Juno Quinn lives in a world of perfection. Any deviation from the norm, no matter how miniscule, is met with prejudice and Judgment.

No mutant shall be allowed to live. But when Juno finds a mysterious object on a beach near her home town of Krakelyn–an object she thinks is a remnant of the equally mysterious Forerunners–the young woman quickly finds her world completely flipped on its head. Ideals previously considered to be blasphemous are now the norm, and the definition of what was once “human” may have to be rewritten . . .