Crossroads (The Crossroads Series Book 1)

Crossroads (The Crossroads Series Book 1)
Author: Stephen R. King
Language English
Pages: 37
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.20
Published: February 7th 2014

CROSSROADS SERIES: PART 1 by Stephen L. King Two short stories from the “Crossroads” series that will help keep you entertained late into the night. Discover the bright imagination, suspense, thrilling drama, picturesque visions, and the first look into the true meaning of the “Crossroads” series message. Follow the series to piece together the hidden meaning of the stories to determine the overall message that is being portrayed. Will it bring enlightenment? Will it be the light at the end of the tunnel? Does fear take over and leave the message hidden? The journey starts now and the message will surely begin to appear. WARNING: Not the famous Stephen King from Maine.