Mr. Goode-Bar (1)

Mr. Goode-Bar (1)
Author: Marilyn Mays
Language English
Pages: 89
Genre: Adult Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
Published: January 19th 2014 by Marilyn Mays

Jay Goode has experienced plenty of ups and downs in his life. Raised by an ailing grandmother that succumbs to a stroke, Jay is forced to leave her and reside in a group home. This is where his life changed, and not necessarily for the better. An encounter with Lidia feeds his ego and turns him into a man on a mission. Lidia convinces Jay that he has the sexual skills to please women all over the world and that it's his duty to do so.

Jay loves sex, but not in a typical way. His methods are controversial, yet his prey seemingly welcomes the services he provides. Is Jay a man or a monster? Drake Jones has always been an advocate for the underdog. A radio personality with a huge ego overhears a story about a Mr. Goode-bar that shakes him to the core. A segment of his show about Mr. Goode-bar has Drake cussing on the air, which threatens his career and his reputation. Determined to stop this injustice from the phantom victimizer Drake seeks the help of Nathan Clarke one of the best detectives in the tri-state area. Nathan Clarke was once a man of great character and esteem. The kidnap of his only child and the dissolution of his marriage nearly pushed Nate over the edge, until a chance meeting with a beautiful women could change his life and turn his world upside down.