His Impassioned Proposal

His Impassioned Proposal
Author: Aileen Fish
Language English
Pages: 96
Genre: Romance
Series Bridgethorpe Brides
Goodreads Rating: 3.31
Published: September 26th 2012 by Amazon Publishing

The wounded hero comes home. Six years she has waited for the man she hopes to marry to return from war and propose to her. When he finally does, he is so far in his cups as to not remember the event the next morning! Miss Jane Marwick can't decide if she has wasted her heart on the wrong man or if he just needs some time to recover from too many life-changing events. Stephen Lumley isn't sure he's capable of being a good husband to any woman, but he only has a few months to convince himself and Jane he is worthy of her love, or she'll be off to London to find a man who is. He's not certain what his future will bring, only that he needs Jane in it.

Genre: Sweet Traditional Regency Romance Length: Novella (about 30,000 words)