Arise from the Rubble: Part 2

Arise from the Rubble: Part 2
Author: Eileen Glass
Language English
Pages: 35
Genre: Business
Series Arise from the Rubble
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Published: September 20th 2014 by Glass Fiction

Arise from the Rubble: Part 2 is an installment of an urban fantasy serial novel.

Contains gay romance in a cyberpunk setting.

Wyatt has got to stop thinking the boy he pick-pocketed so he can finally focus on the important thing—winning the upcoming fight with an outdated machine. He gets the opportunity to slip the necklace back, but how will he stay out of jail when the young man recognizes him as the thief? Welcome to Brightlake… A sinking city over the water exists in a constant state of rebuilding, its people trying to stay dry and alive. Oliver is a surface rat, living on the polluted water itself, just trying to get by on minimum wages and a closet to sleep in.

Wyatt is from out of town, here to compete in the arena with his inherited 'rust bucket,' a mech machine over 200 years old. There's unrest in the city… A revolution calls for humanity to shun technology and return to a natural existence. Neither Oliver nor Wyatt particularly care for the rebellion. They wouldn't mind things the way they are, if they only had more money and its comforts. They've got themselves to look after and fantasies to chase. There'll be nothing left… An impending terrorist attack will leave the city in ruins. Wyatt has the machine to fight it. Oliver holds the secret to stopping it. But neither is capable. To save the city, they’ll have to give up who they are and arise together as heroes.