Mister Distraction

Mister Distraction
Author: Stephanie Jean
Language English
Pages: 272
Genre: Romance
Series Distraction
Goodreads Rating: 4.45
Published: March 30th 2014

This is Jason’s perspective and can be read before book one…if you choose. Everything is different through the eyes of a self-absorbed sex addict. He sees and hears things differently from Katarina. He sees a girl that haunts him, a girl he obsessively needs to protect. After following her the night his girlfriend dies he becomes intrigued and fascinated by her. He continued to watch her on stage, until she disappears. Years later he catches sight of her, but she is busy in her bubble to even look in his direction. The chemistry he feels with her is unlike anything he has ever felt. He finds himself needing her in a way he thought was broken inside him. He spends most of his time trying to get close and protect her from others, trying to trap himself in her bubble.

This book contains sexual content and is for the erotic romance reader.