Author: Arlene J. Fitzgerald
Language English
Pages: 494
ISBN10: 0821712160
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9780821712160
Published: July 1st 1983 by Zebra


as flame-haired Janalee glanced ashore and saw Julian O'Connell astride a magnificent stallion.

Instantly, his handsome face was etched in her heart, his gaze of blue fire consumed her with yearning, and his masculine power reached out to claim her. The young beauty instinctively knew that he was dangerous -- and that he was the only man who could ever make her a woman. THEIR LIPS TOUCHED a stormy rapturous kiss hat melted Janalee's struggle against Julian's fierce embrace. Against her will, she tangled her fingers in his thick black curls and pressed him even closer to her soft creamy curves. Though part of her realized it was wrong to love this dashing stranger, Janalee couldn't resist. Desire sparked desire, passion ignited passion, and they were swept into the blazing inferno of the wild and raging WINDFIRE