Death on a No. 8 Hook

Death on a No. 8 Hook
Author: Laurence Gough
Pages: 232
ISBN10: 0771035330
Genre: Mystery
Series A Willows and Parker Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 3.49
ISBN13: 9780771035333
Published: April 3rd 2001 by McClelland & Stewart

For professional killer Mannie Katz, it’s two down and one to go. Detective Jack Willows is enjoying a much-needed vacation – until his fishing line hooks the hand of a very dead young woman.

There is a wedding ring on her finger and a tattoo on her arm. Sixty miles away, his partner, Claire Parker, returning from a night on the town, stumbles across the corpse of a teenage boy. His body is mutilated, but the tattoo on his arm is still visible. Willows and Parker hit the streets quickly – the mean streets where young prostitutes hang out. They’re hot on the trail of a vicious killer, but he may be just one victim ahead of them . . .