The Metal Shredders

The Metal Shredders
Author: Nancy Zafris
Language English
Pages: 320
ISBN10: 0425190803
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.21
ISBN13: 9780425190807
Published: August 5th 2003 by Blue Hen Trade

John Bonner is trying hard to cope with his new role as exploiter of a motley crew of low-paid workers at his prosperous family business. John Bonner & Son Metal Shredders is where cars go to die-mashed into scrap by a mouthful of high-speed 255-pound magnesium teeth. John works with his sister, and the two bond over their romantic histories-which resemble scrap heaps as well. Then, one fateful night, a hidden stash of drug money turns up in a Ford LTD trunk with an extremely unpleasant smell. Now John has to launder the cash-literally-and figure out what to do with it. And what to do about a lot of things. Because this is not where he wants to die...