Shadows in the Mirror

Shadows in the Mirror
Author: Linda Hall
Language English
Pages: 251
ISBN10: 0373442610
Genre: Mystery
Series Shadows
Goodreads Rating: 3.76
ISBN13: 9780373442614
Published: 2007 by Steeple Hill

'Never go back to Burlington!'Those were the dying words of the secretive aunt who'd raised orphaned Marylee Simson. Yet to discover who she was, Marylee had to go back, sure the Lord would look out for her. But learning anything about her past was proving impossible.

Why were there no records of the accident that claimed her parents' lives? No records of her parents, period? And who was trying to stop her from finding out? Someone whose threats were escalating. Someone close to her, such as Evan Baxter, the handsome photographer she'd entrusted with the one clue she had.