America First!: the moral imperative to join November's Nonviolent Christian Rebellion against America's royalty

America First!: the moral imperative to join November's Nonviolent Christian Rebellion against America's royalty
Author: Bart Gruzalski
Language English
Pages: 104
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Published: October 26th 2016 by Wild Pelican Press LLC

My aim in this short book is to explore the reality of what an America First administration would be like. Given that “America First!” is Donald Trump’s criterion for public policy, I will be exploring what a Trump administration should look like to the extent that Donald Trump wins the election and sticks to the plans he was put forward.

When I begin that task, I start first with foreign policy, then turn to domestic policy, and conclude with the nonviolent Christian nature of Trump‘s military plan to protect America from internal terrorist attack or from foreign attack. Before I begin, I would be irresponsible if I didn’t say a bit about the political situation the world is in and the overarching threat of nuclear war. The title of the book doesn’t seem to fit until you’ve read the entire text. The focus is that brilliant criterion of policy, “America First!” If that’s all Trump had added to our political vocabulary, it would have been significant. It’s as important as Occupy’s 99% vs 1%. It’s not much talked about in the media or even on progressive sites, where it will eventually be a hit, but it is a stroke of genius and an important contribution all by itself. The next phrase, “the moral imperative to join,” derives from the seriousness of the situation we are facing. If Hillary Clinton and the Neoconservatives were to win this election, all bets are off for any kind of lasting peace here in our homeland. The mischief she wants to do to Putin, the crises she wants to create in Syria, the boisterous bombast of some of her generals, and we will fairly quickly be on the verge of nuclear war and then it will be quick and over. Most of us will be dead, along with large land mammals and even large sea mammals that spend almost any time on land at all. Had Hillary not rigged the Democratic primaries in her favor, not only with superdelegates but in collusion with a willing media of eager presstitutes all willing to please…. Had a real fifth column weighed in, perhaps Bernie Sanders would have led a floor fight at the Democratic Convention. He didn’t, and the presstitutes remained presstitutes, so we have a situation where we are looking at the probability of nuclear war if Hillary Clinton becomes president. That’s why each of us as a moral imperative to vote for Trump and to join this rebellion against the military status quo. It is moral and it is an imperative.

The future of mammals, including us humans, as well as many birds and reptiles is at stake. This is not time to vote a third party ticket, as Bernie Sanders told his followers.