Boarding School Bastard 2: The Elementary School Years

Boarding School Bastard 2: The Elementary School Years
Author: Alan Sharavsky
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: November 20th 2017

Nine-year-old Alan Sharavsky had just gotten the bad news: After summer break, he’d be returning to the orphanage (the prison, if you asked him). And this time, he’d be living there for the remaining three years of elementary school (maybe longer). But first, Mom was sending him against his wishes to a summer camp for “disadvantaged boys.” Was this a vacation, or just more male discipline, now moved into the woods? When he returns to school in September, how will he avoid the beatings from the hulking Director of Discipline, Mr. Watson? Or elude pedophile housemaster, Mr. Roberts? Will he escape the bloody Gravitano Grip, his new governess’ preferred punishment? And how will he cope with the escalating anti-Semitism that is about to turn physical? On the plus side, Alan’s iconoclastic, precocious friend, Jack Raboy, is returning, as is fellow Jewish student and foxhole buddy, Larry Gold. But a new friend will vanish without a trace, however, after experiencing a violent punishment. And Alan and Jack will have a run-in with the high school principal, foreshadowing a future battle of wills between his next nemesis, principal Cashman Gruder. Boarding School Bastard 2 is the second ebook in Alan Sharavsky’s memoir series about an abusive childhood at Girard College, an orphanage for father boys.