Preparation for death

Preparation for death
Author: Alfonso María de Liguori
Language English
Pages: 307
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Published: December 20th 2012

(...)" OF ACQUIRING PERFECTION. TAKEN PRINCIPALLY FROM THE WORKS OF ST. ALPHONSUS M. LIGUORI. ACCORDING to St. Alphonsus, the great means of perfection, in the adoption of which every confessor has to direct souls who are called to perfection, are, first, mental prayer; secondly, the frequentation of the sacraments; and thirdly, the practice of mortification. Mental prayer is not absolutely necessary; but it certainly is morally necessary in order to obtain perseverance. This necessity arises from two causes: the first is, that the eternal truths are seen, not with the eyes of the body, but by the reflection of the understanding. Hence he who neglects meditation does not see these truths; and, in consequence of not seeing them, he shall scarcely see the importance of salvation, the means which he ought to adopt, and the obstacles which he has(...)".