Campus Cravings Vol. 7

Campus Cravings Vol. 7
Author: Carol Lynne
Language English
Pages: 244
ISBN10: 1781845530
Genre: Romance
Series Campus Cravings
Goodreads Rating: 4.47
ISBN13: 9781781845530
Published: December 17th 2012 by Total-E-Bound Publishing

Locky in Love Born into an affluent family, Locky never faced a problem his family money couldn't fix. Everything changed the night he stumbled upon a young gay man beaten to death and left in the parking lot beside his car. Unable to get the image of the boy out of his head, Locky quit his father's law practice and took a job at BK House. Adapting to a new way of life is difficult, and it's made even more so by a raven-haired hottie who pushes every one of Locky's buttons... The Injustice of Being After a hung jury results in a mistrial for alleged rapist, Paul "Jigger" Robinson, victim Eric Kloiber and Will James, the detective in charge of the case, must come to terms with the possibility that Jigger may well get away with his crimes. When Will sees the despair plaguing Eric, he becomes determined to leave no stone unturned in his search for more evidence against Jigger. In the midst of his ongoing investigation, Will begins to feel protective towards Eric and soon the two embark on a risky affair...