Strange and Sensual Creatures Bundle

Strange and Sensual Creatures Bundle
Author: Sage L. Morgan
Language English
Pages: 51
Genre: Adult Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.17
Published: November 9th 2013

Vampires, werewolves, and mermen, oh my! The newest bundle from author Sage L. Morgan features three paranormal erotic shorts. Over 13,000 words of sexy, tantalizing creature sex for two-thirds of the combined retail price. Warning: All stories contain mature language and sexuality. Intended for readers 18 years and older. Wolf Trap: Amy is a bored, unfulfilled housewife who is used to living an exciting life, even if it is through her somewhat controlling husband, Roger. Then one day, she springs a werewolf from one of Roger's traps, the vibrant and energetic Aiden. Their mutual fixation makes Amy's dull life even more unbearable until she finally decides it's okay to misbehave once in a while. Devil in a Red Dress: Newly-single Dizzy wants a girl's night out, and Club Bite seems to be the right place to have it. She's as straight as her ex-boyfriend's joystick, thank you very much. So why is that woman in the red dress staring at her? Claimed by the Merman: The last thing Tamara expects when she tumbles off the edge of a yacht is to be rescued by a sexy merman named Nestor. Being a sensible type, she chalks up the encounter to nothing more than a dream until she develops a strange fetish for water and hears Nestor calling for her... An excerpt from Claimed by the Merman: Nestor picked up my left hand like it was a book. He touched a point where two lines intersected, then turned over his right palm and placed it beside mine. “We have the same fate,” he said. For a few moments, the water dripping off of the crystals was the only sound filling the cavern. I exhaled slowly, afraid of ruining the moment. I leaned into him as if pulled by a magnet. “Tamara,” he whispered, drawing a finger across my cheek. I closed my eyes and cocked my head. My skin tingled everywhere he touched me, even if it was the inner crook of my elbow, even if it was with nothing but his fingernail. His face hovered close to mine. His breath smelled sweet against my cheek. As our hands clenched together, my desire spilled out of me. I pressed my lips against his, filling my mouth with the taste of him. I reached up and tangled my fist in his hair. “I need you,” I said.