Practical Household Uses of Lemon

Practical Household Uses of Lemon
Author: Margaret Briggs
Language English
Pages: 148
Genre: Reference
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: November 4th 2012 by Southwater

This wonderful book looks at the wide range of uses lemons and limes have to offer, from nutritional and health benefits to industrial uses, beauty recipes and cleaning.

Lemon juice is an amazingly versatile substance – it can be put into a gin and tonic, used to add zing to a salad dressing or dessert, help with the washing up afterwards, polish the copper pans, and even remove stains from the tablecloth at the end of the meal. Its close cousin the lime will do nearly as well, although it may not spring to mind as readily. One of the best things about lemons is their fantastic fresh aroma when you cut them. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients, and can be added to an enormous range of culinary dishes, as well as preventing and easing some medical conditions. Citrus fruits also boast a fascinating history. Despite some of the more eye-watering uses contrived over the years, they have saved many a sailor from scurvy. Gandhi apparently ate lemons every day, and he believed in eating only what the body needs. You are what you eat and drink. So why not add a little zest to your life?